Let's Make a Difference

Thank you for considering donating a gift to the 2020 Illinois SECA campaign. This year our member charities need your help more than ever. Your gift, along with those from your fellow State and University employees, will help charities provide desperately needed services across a wide range of needs. We hope that you will find a cause that speaks to your heart from those listed on this website.

Since 1983, State and University employees and retirees have donated over $82 million dollars to 1,500+ charities. This year we are asking you and your fellow employees to continue this tradition of helping. We are all connected and through giving we can help others. Every dollar you give goes directly to your designated charity to enable them to continue their mission of service.

Thank you again for your generous donation to the 2020 SECA campaign.

Support one or more of the included charities or causes. Click “Find a Charity” at the bottom of the page to view all charities eligible for donation.
Use the search feature to find the charities or causes to which you would like to designate your gift, then, select that charity by clicking on their name and “Add this charity”.
Once you have selected all the charities you wish to give, click “Add to designations” at the bottom of this page.
All additional information is optional. Scroll down and click next to review your gift.